Growing Your Capital Is Our Business
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What We Do

As an investments specialist and wealth management company, we focus on seeking 'better than' investment opportunities for clients, enabling investors to grow their funds well in excess of inflation plus 3 or 4% per annum.

We focus on acquiring investments for clients in secondary markets that can deliver better returns due to a lower cost of acquisition. We focus on investments that generate stable and predictable returns with very low or no risk of capital loss.

We further quantify the additional value that can be achieved by allocating funds to asset managers with the most consistent returns relative to risk. We focus on maintaining close personal relationships with existing investors, suppliers and build on new relationships from existing clients and suppliers.

We apply a consistent approach by firstly allocating the investment at the right price, to the right investment at the right time relative to markets and clients requirements. By applying this process when the investment is made, it allows us to keep focusing on investment opportunities for all clients. The result is we rarely make changes until an investment matures at full value, thereby keeping all costs and taxable events to a minimum, whilst consistently compounding returns.

Who We Are

Yield Capital was established in 2006 and is an investment specialist company with a focus on providing investments that enable building long-lasting relationships with investors.

We are investors who are consistent in our approach. Our independent team consists of investment professionals with experience and those who, themselves, invest alongside their investors. We believe that good returns are partly as a result of the price you pay, the lower the price the better the outcome!

We approach investments conservatively and may research them for years before making a single investment.

We serve our investors with a focus that remains on product and service excellence. We build trust with our clients through a consistent approach on providing facts and assist investors with all aspects of their investment needs.

Our opportunities allow our investors to buy investments at a discount to their intrinsic investment value, allowing greater growth and therefore enhanced return on investment. This strategy assures investors of a higher return for lower risk. We will review clients' portfolio, understand your life stage requirements and research available products and implement the best investment opportunities to give a greater benefit.

We aim to provide high net worth individuals, trusts and bespoke private funds with investment opportunities coupled with an intimate and independent investment service.


Why Us?

  • Alternative investment plans for High Net Worth Individuals, Trusts and Fund Structures
  • Personalized investment solutions with lower risk for higher returns
  • Demonstrable value added returns from day one of investing
  • 35 years' collective experience and product knowledge
  • Proven track record of successful investments
  • Broad base of investment knowledge with independent experts

Our Providers

Our providers are those companies where we have acquired assets (investments) in the market place at below market values and extends to Banks, Life Company’s locally and offshore. Typically, ABSA, NedGroup, Investec, PSG Group, Old Mutual, SANLAM to name but a few.