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What We Do

As an investments specialist and wealth management company we focus on seeking ‘better than’ investment opportunities for clients, enabling investors to grow their funds well in excess of inflation plus 3 or 4% per annum. We focus on acquiring investments for clients in secondary markets that can deliver better returns due to a lower cost of acquisition, and on investments that generate stable and predictable returns with very low or no risk of capital loss.


We pride ourselves in our long successful history in bringing our unique approach to clients’ investment portfolios. Opportunities come in ‘waves’ and we put a lot of effort into understanding the opportunity to ensure we don't get a false signal. Once our research confirms a high conviction we try and maximise the opportunity by putting ourselves and clients in a position to have a higher weighting to the opportunity. This has consistently delivered higher returns relative to the low risk.


Investing pre and post retirement is taken very seriously and to this end Yield Capital will take great care to evaluate retirement and living portfolio’s where applicable and will provide the facts about the existing retirement strategy which may require relevant and applicable changes to meet the needs of clients. The focus is to minimise the effect of inflation eroding purchasing power. Retirement Income versus capital security versus capital growth is on the forefront of our discussion with clients to provide a risk profile suiting their needs.


Policy Trader is Yield Capital’s division dedicated to dealing directly with the public and specialising in solutions to provide cash for restricted policies. Policy Trader buys restricted policies, giving you the opportunity to increase your cash flow at a better rate than what you would potentially get through alternative channels and financial institutions. We can help you turn your restricted policy into cash immediately, so you don't have to wait until the maturity date.


• Smooth bonus endowment policies
• Guaranteed endowment policies
• New generation endowment policies
• Guaranteed income plans
• Offshore Closed end property funds
• High dividend yielding preference share unit trust
• Investec / ABSA Capital Structured products
• Top performing Global property fund unit trust


Yield Capital will analyse your current retirement portfolio and restructure your retirement strategy to minimise the effect of inflation. Restructuring your assets may increase your retirement income to maintain a high level of lifestyle for you and your family.